Welcome to the YieldFields!

Our core farming experts & DeFi-Agriculture specialists have been working tirelessly to prepare the fields for farming, the seeding grounds for staking & the Market for swapping.

YieldFields.Finance is now Live!

What is YieldFields?

YieldFields is a DeFi Platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) where you can Farm, Stake & Swap tokens.

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Introducing The FIELD Token

  • Ticker : FIELD
  • Contract Address: 0x04d50c032f16a25d1449ef04d893e95bcc54d747
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
  • Emission rate: Reward per block — 10 FIELD
  • Daily emission (Based on 28,800 blocks a day) — 288,000 FIELD per day
    🔗 Get FIELD Here

Block Distribution:

Farms 🚜— 67.5% of the rewards per block (6.75 FIELD)
Farming Rewards Daily — 194,400 FIELD (based on 28,800 blocks per day)

Staking 🌱 — 22.5% per block (2.25 FIELD)
SEED holders daily — 64,800 FIELD (based on 28,800 blocks per day)

Operating Fund 🔧— 10% per block (1 FIELD)
Operating Fund Usage:

  • Seeding additional staking pools/farms 🌱
  • Platform growth 💧
  • Community/Ambassadors ☀️
  • Burning 🔥

Farms — Initial Liquidity Pairs (LP) for farming FIELD tokens: 🚜

🔗 https://yieldfields.finance/farms

ℹ️ wMUE is wrapped MUE

Useful links:

🔗 Get FIELD Here
🔗 Get wMUE (wrapped MUE)
🔗 Get MUE on Bittrex (MonetaryUnit)
🔗 Get wCRW (wrapped CRW)
🔗 Bridge (Wrap/Unwrap)

Staking — Initial Staking Pools (Seeding Grounds)🌱

🔗 YieldFields.Finance/Pools

- Stake your tokens in return for SEED
- Use SEED to Grow more tokens!

Staking Pools

  • Plant>FIELDFIELD <Grow
  • Plant > FIELDwCRW <Grow

22.5% of FIELD Emissions will be distributed to SEED Holders every block. ✔️ Users can claim these rewards and re-stake them to grow even more!

Tokens are distributed proportionally every block, based on SEED holdings.
We will only record and distribute rewards to the wallet address that initiated the staking. While SEED can be sent to other addresses, only the initiating address will receive the rewards.

ℹ Additional Info :️

As per the notices/disclaimers on the site, YieldFields is currently in BETA and as such, has not YET been audited by accredited external parties. Please review the code yourself or have someone that you trust review the code & only use at your own risk.

Time lock:
We understand the piece of mind that comes from a timelock & will implement shortly after launch. The exact timelock details will be shared at a later date.


How do I setup MetaMask?

You can find a guide here : 🔗https://www.publish0x.com/les-cryptos-pour-les-nuls/metamask-the-gateway-to-defi-xroxwyz?a=N1aM8BO1eW

How do I add Binance Smart Chain to my MetaMask?

You can find a guide here : 🔗https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain

How can I get a token wrapped for use on BSC Binance Smart Chain?

Join the Wrapping.Services Discord 🔗 Here(excellent rates for wrapping)

How can I list a Token on the YieldFields Farm & Staking Pools?

Please reach out in our Discord channel 🔗 Here

A Message from the YieldFields Team

The YieldFields team are looking forward to embarking on this DeFi/Agricultural journey with you.

With your help, we will be able to help the fields grow & the sun shine on each and every one of you!
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So head over to the YieldFields for your Farming, Staking & Swapping on BSC!

Looking forward to see you in the fields !

The YieldFields team. ☀️